4 octobre 2021

Un blogue en anglais! :)

We have talked about faux amis in previous blogs. These are words that exist in two languages, look similar, but mean different things. (Ex: attendre and “to attend.” They don’t mean the same thing!) They are tricky!


Luckily, there are also vrais amis: words that exist in two languages, look similar, and mean the same thing. In English, the word for vrais amis is “cognates.”


There are about 1,700 cognates between French and English. So, if you speak French, you also speak some English!


Here is a short list of some vrais amis. Do you know them all?




un adulte – adult                     This book is for adults, not children.

un animal – animal                  My backyard has many animals: birds, deer, and even moose!        

l’art – art                                 I like making art. I paint and I draw.                         

des bottes – boots                    On rainy days, I wear my rain boots.

une classe – class                    I learn English by taking an English class.

une caméra – camera              I bring my best camera on my trips out west.

un dessert – dessert                 The best part of a meal, in my opinion, is dessert!

une lampe – lamp                    Turn on the lamp, please. I need light.

un miroir – mirror                   Teenagers spend too much time looking in the mirror.

les mathématiques –  math      People who love math may like working with computers.

une personne – person            My aunt is a kind and good person.

une plante – plant                    I have a plant with pink flowers on my desk.

le respect – respect                  I have respect for nurses. They work hard!

un robot – robot                      Do you think robots will be the workers of the future?

la science – science                 Do you prefer to study science or social studies?

la sécurité – security               Airport security is stressful.

le silence – silence                  I need silence to think.

une table – table                      The parents struggled to keep their children at the dinner table.

un train – train                        Do you like to travel by train or by plane?

les toilettes – toilet                  The hotel bathroom has a toilet, a sink, and a shower.

le volume – volume                 You cannot hear us? Try turning your volume up.

le zoo – zoo                             Is there a polar bear at the zoo?



calme – calm                           I love canoeing on calm lakes.

clair – clear                             Were my instructions clear? Do you understand?

favorable – favorable             The weather looks favorable. It will be a good day for golfing.

flexible – flexible                    After COVID-19, we all want flexible jobs with flexible hours.

intelligent – intelligent            She wanted to find a man who was caring, intelligent, and kind.

simple – simple                       The article is simple and easy to read.

terrible – terrible                     I have a terrible headache this morning!

musical – musical                    Do you listen to all musical genres? Rock? Pop? Jazz?
nerveux – nervous                   The student was so nervous about the exam, he was sweating.




bloquer – to block                   The parent blocked the child from running into the street.    

se changer – to change           Let’s change our clothes before going out to dinner.

changer – to change                The chef changed the menu to include a dessert course.

chercher – to search                I searched everywhere for my phone, but I did not find it.

copier – to copy                      Often, a younger child copies an older child’s behavior.

danser – to dance                    The new couple danced to a romantic song.

double – to double                  Let’s double the recipe. I want 32 cookies, not 16.

finir – to finish                        When the parent finished reading, the child was asleep.

limiter – to limit                      People with diabetes must limit their sugar intake.

observer – to observe              When you meditate, you observe your breath.

respecter – to respect              Students respect teachers who stay calm.

répondre  – to respond            Please respond to my email, today.



Nice work! Can you write a sentence using one of the vrais amis? Can you use two or three or four vrais amis in your sentence?


Bonne chance!


Allison Nowak



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